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Where to Place Your Router for the Best Wi-Fi Experience

10:02AM March 19, 2021

The location of your router can positively or negatively impact the dependability and speed of your home’s Wi-Fi. To achieve the best Wi-Fi experience throughout, consider the following tips.

Make Sure You Have Enough Coverage:
A quality router makes a big difference in a Wi-Fi network and its signal deliverability. For example, every Chariton Valley fiber internet plan includes a Chariton Valley GigaRouter for a small monthly fee. This enterprise carrier grade Wi-Fi router ensures home wireless networks stay in proper working condition. The GigaRouter provides a richer and more optimized Wi-Fi experience than most routers and is ideal for both modest and larger homes.

For smaller homes, a quality router, like the GigaRouter, will provide ample coverage. However, an extender unit is usually needed to serve the Wi-Fi demands of larger homes or those with several devices and to add coverage in outside areas, areas with a weak signal or dead zones. Chariton Valley’s cost-effective CV Extender is ideal for homes needing enhanced reach. These units adapt to the increasing complexity of today’s home, as they can switch nodes or radios for the best experience.

Consider Where You Spend the Most Time Connected:
If you have key locations in your home where you spend most of your time online, such as a home office or family room, take that into consideration when placing your router. An extender unit can provide coverage in home areas with less usage.

Look for a High and Uncrowded Space:
Placing your router on a high shelf will help distribute the signal more widely and evenly through the house. It’s also best to avoid placing the router behind any large objects or in a closed cabinet.

Give the Signal a Clear Path:
While the Wi-Fi signal can do a good job penetrating the walls and ceilings in your home, metal is a common impediment, such as shelving, metal desks and large appliances.

If you’re ready for affordable high-speed internet that will meet your household’s needs, contact Chariton Valley to make the switch today! We have the equipment you need to create a robust Wi-Fi network, and you’ll have the assurance that it’s all supported by Chariton Valley.

*Speeds not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details.



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