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Chariton Valley Fiber Construction Update!

8:31AM May 06, 2019

The weather cooperated just enough in April that we were able to start back up with installing service for new customers in Brookfield, Marceline and Brunswick.  Our construction crews were going with a full head of steam right up until the rains came down once again in late April.  No worries though, Chariton Valley was able to put in temporary fiber drops for those customers scheduled for install until their property dries up enough to finish their construction.  Our crews have also been working on our fiber builds in the Linn County and Randolph County Zone 1 areas.  Be on the look out updates for those areas or contact one of our sales representatives at 660-395-9000 to sign up. 

We are so proud to say we are enhancing opportunities for rural communities with our fiber expansion and we want to thank you for helping to make it happen!

 Go Further. Go Faster. Go Fiber.

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